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The Art of Fiction Writing or How to Fall Down the Rabbit Hole Without Really Trying, Labyrinth Press, 1996. Now available as an e-book!

Petersburg, G.P. Putnams, 1988, Fawcett, 1989, Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Clubs, foreign rights: England, Germany, Italy and Greece.

Love Is No Excuse, Bradbury Press, 1982

Circle Home, Bradbury Press, 1981

The Wing and the Flame, Bradbury Press, paperback Bantam, 1980

The Swing, Bradbury Press, paperback Dell, 1979

It's Too Late For Sorry, Bradbury Press, paperback Dell, 1978

How A Horse Grew Hoarse on the Site Where He Sighted a Bare Bear
, Delacorte, 1976

What If A Lion Eats Me and I Fall Into a Hippopotamus' Mud Hole? Delacorte 1975

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