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Emily Hanlon, Writing Coach and Writers Retreat Leader

Do you yearn to be writing fiction but fear you have no imagination or writing ability?

Are you looking to develop your writing skills and fiction writing techniques?

Are you writing a novel or are finishing a first draft of a novel and don't know where to go next?

Are you looking for a writing coach to edit your novel?

Are you looking for a private writing coach or a writing workshop that supports your development as a writer and offers professional guidance?

You've Come to the Right Place!
I am a novelist with a passion for teaching others how unleash their stories and put them down on the often unfriendly page. I know how to do this: I've been writing fiction all my life and have been, for over thirty years, a writing coach for others on the writing and creative journey. I know what stops people from writing and what unleashes the creative flow.

"Emily's peculiar genius is helping fiction writers to find, feed, wrestle and live with their demons or muses. Where do my stories and characters come from, how do they take shape in me, how can I allow and at the same times manage, their release onto the unfriendly, staring page? The angel, bright or dark, must be conjured before words can truly attach." ~ Kurt Blankmeyer

My Two-pronged Method of Coaching: Teaching Craft and Unleashing Creative Passion!
The Five Ingredients of the Scene is a method that I have developed over more than thirty years of coaching. This simple yet effective method takes the mystery out of creating characters and developing the story line. However, craft alone cannot unlock the mystery of writing. Unleashing your passion is the magic ingredient. Even when you think that your writing is worthless, creative passion will keep you writing!

Unleashing your creativity can be the most challenging aspect of our work together. It is also the most rewarding. Passion is the key, and I know how to unleash it in you. Developing the writer in you — whether you are a beginner, have been writing for a while, or have books published —is what I do best.

What My Students Say About My Coaching

"I hired Emily Hanlon as a writing coach to help me complete my first novel. It was in its draft state when we met, and I needed her to help me figure out how to convey my complex storyline. From beginning to end, thanks to Emily's probing and meaningful insights, I experienced the joy of seeing myself evolve as a writer. I now have a completed novel that is far beyond my wildest expectations!"  
                                                                   ~ Jackie Bennett

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